6 Gift Ideas for Travel Addicts

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I don’t know about you, but I find gift buying to be so difficult. What do they want?? What if they don’t like what I get them?? To be honest I usually just end up baking people a cake or some cookies. Everyone likes food, right?! If you’re anything like me, you need as many ideas as you can get. So if you have a travel addict in your life, here are 6 gift ideas for travel addicts in your life to get you started. OR ALTERNATIVELY, if you are a travel addict you can just casually leave this page open where a loved one can conveniently see it….That’s my plan anyway.  You’re welcome.

1. This hair brush that doubles as a safe.

It’s always lovely when an item functions as two. This hair brush is a hair brush. And a safe. You can unscrew the top and store money or other documents inside. The hairbrush also comes with a wee pouch to put jewellery in to stop the rattling. And, as one clever reader has pointed out, this hairbrush would also be perfect for sneaking booze into festivals. Click here to find out more! 

A hair brush safe Gift idea for travel addicts
Sneaky sneaky!


2. An Icon Speak T-Shirt

Avoid awkward miscommunications, just point to your shirt. You can also get these shirts specific to certain cities you are travelling to, such as Moscow. These city specific shirts feature icons of well known landmarks and ‘must-do’ activities. The Icon Speak guys also have products specific to activities you may be doing such as a safari. Check it out here! 

6 gift ideas for travel addicts

3. A Scratch-off Travel Map

This is high on my want list (babe if you’re reading this….). Who doesn’t love scratchy games? It’s like an interactive poster for your wall. Personally, if I had a scratch map (HINT HINT Mr Boyfriend), I would feel so inspired to travel more. This seems like such a fun way to keep track of where you have been. Get scratching here! 
6 Gift Ideas for Travel Addicts

4. Travel Savings Money Box

Isn’t it pretty? Having somewhere to store your coins can go a long way in helping you save for your next adventure. And I don’t know about you, but there is just something so satisfying about Money Boxes. Hearing the coins clink and literally watching your savings grow is very motivational. So what are you waiting for? Get saving now! 

6 Gift Ideas for Travel Addicts

5. A Cute Notebook to Record Travel Memories

Because who wants to forget anything that happens on their amazing adventure? No me, that’s for sure. I always have a notebook with me to write down what happened that day and any other random thoughts / feelings. I also find it’s good to write a list of embassies / some basic currency conversions at the start of your notebook, to keep the info handy. You can find the notebook pictured below, here. 

6 Gift Ideas for Travel Addicts

6. This Globe Necklace.

Let your travel addict buddy wear their obsession. Also, wearing a visual representation of your goals can help you keep on track! I have this necklace and I love it so much. I really enjoy wearing during my 8-5 day job, a wee reminder about why I work 😉 Globe necklace can be found here. 

6 Gift Ideas for Travel Addicts

Below you can see my globe necklace proudly hanging around the neck of a friend I made in Bali while some Russian Dolls look on.

6 Gift Ideas for Travel Addicts

So there you have it. Six gift ideas for travel addicts, I hope this helped all you struggling gift buyers! Let me know what’s on your wish list! And if you have strategically left this list open for a certain someone to see, let me know if it works!

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6 Gift Ideas for Travel Addicts6 Gift Ideas for Travel Addicts

As always, let me know in the comments!

Thank you and much love, 

Passport Kiwi


P.S Leaving this list open where a loved one will “accidentally” see it works. Check out my new travel scratch map I recently came home to (thanks Boyfriend)! 

6 gift ideas for travel addicts

37 thoughts on “6 Gift Ideas for Travel Addicts”

  1. That hairbrush safe is hilarious! I would also recommend small pretty (but sturdy) pouches as a good gift. I use them for everything – money/passports, bringing Rx’s in carry-on luggage, make-up, etc.

  2. Would definitely show this to my husband so that he’ll get the idea. LOL. The travel scratch map, the notebook and the travel savings money box really caught my eye. Perfect on recording travel memories and planning! 😉

  3. Love these cute little travel gifts!! The only thing is I probably wouldn’t trust myself with that hairbrush…I lose things like that way too easily, haha. But I could definitely go for a globe necklace or a scratch map personally!

  4. HAhaha I love all these cute and quirky gift ideas…except the map. Sorry but I’ve seen so many map gifts associated with travel I’m kinda tired of it. But the others are all great!!

  5. That hairbrush is unreal! What a great idea – I can’t believe I’ve never seen that until just now. I love the Travel Fund coin box too! It’s the perfect gift for a college student who’s saving up any little bit they can to travel!

  6. Love these ideas!!! That shirt is hilarious! Never seen a brush like that but it’s really a smart idea. And I love the map too…leaving this open for my husband to see 😉😉

  7. I would love any of these ! I’m pretty sure I’ve asked for a scratch-off travel map for my last two birthdays and Christmas and have yet to receive it …

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