7 Must Pack Essential Items for Travel

7 Must Pack Travel Items

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So you are all ready for your next adventure! Your suitcase is packed, the tickets are purchased, and you’re feeling like a fearless adventurer. You’ve checked your packing list so many times, you’re pretty confident you have everything! Good for you! It never hurts to check what you have packed for the millionth time, so here is a list of my seven must pack travel items. These are the first things that get chucked into my suitcase or purchased. Each of these things has come in handy for me at some point. So I wanted to share them with you to make sure you never end up on the other side of the world without a travel essential.

1. Your Passport – The Most Essential of all the Travel Items

7 Must Pack Travel ItemsThis probably goes without saying, but if you’re as paranoid as I am it certainly doesn’t hurt to write it at the top of your ‘to pack list’. And then underline it three times in red pen, highlight in yellow, and circle numerous times. Seriously, this is the most important of the seven essential travel items.




2. Important Documents

Important documents such as travel itinerary, tickets, and accommodation email confirmations. Your travel itinerary is a must have, obviously, so you know what you are doing and where you are needed to be. I like taking email confirmations of accommodation with me just in case “sorry ma’am but we have no booking under that name”. Um bitch yes you do here’s the proof, boom. Thankfully, a lot of this can now be carried on your phone as PDF documents which is a super weight and space saver!


Yay for technology!


3. Band Aids.

Band aids- Often overlooked and taken out of luggage as  an ‘unnecessary’ travel item. However, band aids are THE MOST inconvenient thing to not have when you need them.

FUN STORY TIME: on my first day in London I was so excited to go exploring! I was staying in a room with four

other girls and we were chatting and getting ready for a day of adventure. I reached into my trusty toiletry bag for

Band Aids
Band Aids. My saviours.

my moisturiser….and sliced my finger open on my razor.

“Oh but Maxine why didn’t you have the safety cover thing on?”

Well friend! I had lost that many moons ago while adventuring around Greece and had been playing a fun game of risk with my toiletry bag. A game I had been winning up until that point. So here I am, in this room, blood pouring out of my finger and all I think is “Oh shit, I’m going to have to wander about London looking for a pharmacy  while bleeding everywhere.”

Thankfully one of the other girls had enough brains to pack band aids. But only one of the girls. Out of four of us, only one had packed band aids. Not good odds. Not only can bandaids prevent you from bleeding all over your new friends (ew) but they also keep icky germs out. A big must if you are hitting up the shared hostel bathrooms. Click here to stock up! 


4. Travel Plug Adaptor – Multiple Travel Items in One! 

Travel Plug USB AdaptorTravel Plug Adaptor All in One – Skip the multiple plug adaptors taking up room in your luggage and just go for an all in one. Multiple countries all covered in one device? Um yes please. One with multiple sockets is a bonus!

This way you can charge multiple devices and not piss off your hostel buddies by taking up all the plug points! Extra bonus! USB ports. When choosing, make sure you pick a strong adaptor that will survive being thrown around in your luggage. Get yours here! 


5. Spare Locks

Spare padlocks for your suitcase because sometimes they just give up. Even the most strongest of lock can sometimes break. Which is a real pain in the ass. Thankfully if you pack multiple locks it won’t matter because you can just replace it. Of course, if you invest in some high grade and super strong locks, you might not encounter this problem for a while! Better safe than sorry. Click here to get prepared! 

6. Travel Insurance

Comprehensive full travel insurance. Please for the love of god get travel insurance. The amount of people I hear

Travel insurance is one of seven must pack travel items

about travelling without travel insurance really worries me. Yes I know you “will probably never use it” but if you do need insurance, you’ll be so glad you have it.

I know I just said band aids would be the most inconvenient thing to not have when you need them, but travel insurance would be 100 x times worse not to have. Imagine if I didn’t have travel insurance, and completely cut my finger off?!?!??! What would I have done?!?!?! Ok slight exaggeration but you get my point.

You do not want to be stuck in a foreign country somewhere, in pain, having to wait for a massive amount of money to be wired through before you can get treatment. Or you don’t want to be robbed and have to go home early because, whoops, no travel insurance to partially compensate you.


Get some damn travel insurance.


7. USB Power Bank Charger

A fully charged USB charger for the long flight. There is nothing more soul destroying than your form of entertainment dying halfway through a 10 hour flight. Can you do five hours of listening to your weird neighbour giggle to themselves? Can you cope with five hours of staring out the window? Yeah didn’t think so. Sudoku and word finds get real boring real fast. Plug your device in and keep on being entertained! Thank goodness for that. More than once I have had to read the inflight magazine cover to cover and let me tell you, it is not an exciting read. At all. Thankfully, all that will change next long haul flight, because I will have one of these bad boys! Stay fully charged here. 

7 Must Pack Essential Travel Items


So there you have it! My top seven must pack / purchase items for travel. Hopefully this list jogged your memory about something you might have forgotten to pack for your next adventure! Do we share some must have items?

What are your must have items for travel?  As always, let me know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe!


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55 thoughts on “7 Must Pack Travel Items”

  1. Fantastic list – I agree with you re writing passport at the top of your list – never hurts to remind yourself, I find especially when traveling as a couple or a family, when one person’s in charge of the passports – always, always, always double check! Important documents I print to take with me but also keep an electronic version as well – helps if anything goes missing 🙂

    1. I check like a million times haha #paranoia and same re the documents. Print and electronic just to cover all bases! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  2. Haha, I’m sorry to say I enjoyed a cruel laugh at your expense when I read the deadly razor story – but it’s amazing how many people DON’T pack bandaids. Especially considering they take up NO SPACE!! But my number one never-leave-behind-at-any-cost item is a set of ear plugs!! Followed closely by my real, ACTUAL maps. They’re both essential for road tripping downunder, where I normally travel 😀

    1. Haha I’m glad you had a laugh! Oooh earplugs that’s another good one!! Maps are super helpful too 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  3. These are essential travel items! Thanks for putting this list together! But hey, where is the backpack or suitcase?! 🙂 Since you have to put all these items somewhere, a backpack is another thing not to forget!

  4. I have a legitimate fear of leaving my passport somewhere. I always keep it in the same place, and usually triple check that I have it with me before I leave. And good call on bandaids. I travel with them as well, and when you cut a paper cut or nick that won’t stop bleeding, it is nice not to have to locate a pharmacy asap!

    1. Totally agree on triple checking the passport haha. Yup, so inconvenient not to have bandaids when you need them! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. Thanks for this useful list 🙂 I fully agree with you: the passport is the most important thing to have ! I always pack a small first aid kit with band aids. The power bank is definitively a « must have », it is so practical.

  6. I also like to keep scans of my passport and visas as well just so I have all my important documents just in case the unthinkable happens. 🙂 I do really need to look into getting a portable charger, there is nothing worse than your music or Kindle running out on a long journey!

  7. I always find those 4-in-1 plug adaptors also fall out of the wall socket due to the weight. That annoys me. Its a good idea but it has it flaws.

    As a hiker, plasters (band-aids) are totally awesome. Forever using them.

  8. Good one…the only one I don’t usually carry (and should carry) is a lock! Power banks are always a savior…

    Also, as a photographer, I find carrying an extra set of batteries very useful 🙂

  9. This is a great list. I do actually pack a small first aid kit with band aids in it – they’re also great when those shoes that seemed so comfortable at home aren’t so comfortable after 9 hours of walking on cobblestone streets and you get a blister 😦

  10. Big yes to band aids! That’s one of my top essentials as I tend to get blisters from all and any shoes. And yes, I have also managed to cut my finger on my razor! 😀

  11. You’re right, a passport is the most important thing to have! I still need to get travel insurance for when I go to Australia though. Also I never thought of carrying plasters about with me, although I have a basic first aid kit when I travel internationally!

  12. Such a useful list – I am a HUGE fan of packing band-aids. It’s a little nuts, but it’s my top “must pack” item along side my passport (crazy, but true). I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to bring band-aids, they’re so useful! I probably need to remember to bring #7 more often though. Powerbanks are such life (and boredom!) savers!

    1. After my wee London incident bandaids are on the same level as my passport now too 😂whoever invented powerbanks is my hero

  13. Hahaha, my must have/must pack is a mug and teas 😀

    Any other big tea lover who can’t go a day without a tea? It weights almost nothing, but can save the day.

  14. Perfect list! They are the most important travel assentials for sure!! I always put my passport first when I start packing, just so I won’t forget haha (it would be something for me to do, eventough it never happened luckily haha!) Thanks for the list!

  15. Wow. It’s the first time I run through such a list and actually have all these things with me. So proud! 🙂
    But yeah the passport… yesterday we almost forgot them in a hotel as they haven’t given us back our passports after checking in. But now they are save with me. Luckily! The power bank actually we got during our trip. It’s just so practical. We mostly use it to charge our camera though. Thank you for sharing this helpful list!

  16. Love this list! In addition to band aids I also carry Compeed with me – it’s a thin piece of sticky silicon and it’s saved my butt a few times when I started getting blisters from ill-fitting shoes!

  17. Oh my gosh yes to passport! It’s something we forget about because it’s just so OBVIOUS. I’ve had to have my dad run to the airport to deliver my passport for me, I wanted to kick myself!

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