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New Zealand

10 Quirky Facts about New Zealand

When you think of New Zealand you probably dream up images of rolling hills, blue water, and lush green forests with hobbits roaming free. And you wouldn't be far off! The majority of the world's knowledge of New Zealand tends to revolve around nature and Lord of the Rings. So I wanted to share with… Continue reading 10 Quirky Facts about New Zealand

New Zealand

5 things a Kiwi wants you to know

So you're off to the Land of the Long White Cloud? How exciting! You're going to have a ball, I bet! But have you wondered about the things a kiwi wants you know about New Zealand? What are kiwis like when it comes to tourists? Have you wondered about what you should and shouldn't do… Continue reading 5 things a Kiwi wants you to know

Cape Reinga Lighthouse New Zealand
New Zealand

A New Zealand Bucket List – By A Local

“Don’t leave town until you’ve seen the country” is a catchphrase thrown out by many New Zealanders, to encourage others to explore their home country before jetting off overseas (probably to Australia) for a couple of years.  I largely agree with this sentiment, New Zealand locals should see as much of this country as we can before heading out into the big bad world, mainly because people you come across are going to ask you A LOT of questions about New Zealand. So it helps to be able to answer them!

5 things to do in Oamaru New Zealand
New Zealand

5 Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

Weekend getaways are honestly the best! Wee getaways can help soothe a relentless travel itch as I mentioned in my Wanaka adventure. Recently, the boyfriend and I decided it was time for another weekend escapade so we jumped into the car are headed on up to Oamaru, New Zealand. Oamaru is located an hour north… Continue reading 5 Things to do in Oamaru, New Zealand

Queens Park Invercargill New Zealand
New Zealand

Your Guide to Invercargill, New Zealand

People often need help thinking of things to do in Invercargill, New Zealand but it's really not that hard! Located at the bottom of the South Island, Invercargill is often overlooked as a destination. More commonly, Invercargill is a stop-over point for tourists on their way to Stewart Island. Today, I am here to tell you why you should view Invercargill as more than a stop-over but rather a destination for history and relaxation.

Pretty trees at Wanaka Lavender Farm
New Zealand

Wanaka, New Zealand

Travel withdrawal. It sucks. You desperately want to travel somewhere. Anywhere! But for whatever reason you can’t. After spending an endless amount of evenings looking at tropical holidays to Fiji, chilly adventures to Scandinavia, and cultural experiences in Chile, I decided it was time for a weekend break to try and ease the travel blues. And so, the boyfriend and I packed up the car and headed to a beautiful part of New Zealand called Wanaka.