What to do in Santiago, Chile

Dreaming of: Santiago

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Mountains, Spanish, food, and general adventuring. Santiago is looking like a good option for my next adventure. Chile is just across the pacific from New Zealand, so shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to get to (here’s hoping).


October. During October there is a public holiday in New Zealand which I plan to make full use of. More travel for less annual leave spent? Yes please. Also the climate in Santiago at this time doesn’t sound to unbearable (23oC).

What to do in Santiago:

Sky Constanera: Excellent view of the city and the Andes? Hell yes. I love a good view of a Santiago things to do when travelling in Santiago pinterest imagecity, it’s such a beautiful way to see everything all at once and get a lay of the land. There’s just something about seeing cities from above.

Cerro San Cristobol: Again, awesome views of the city and Andes! Also, you get to ride in something called a funicular train which sounds hilarious to me. You know what they say about small things…

Art museums: I’ve heard there is lots of quirky and interesting art to look at in Santiago, both in museums and street art.

Hop-on-hop-off bus: Easy. I love using hop of hop off buses for the convenience and flexibility! No working out metro lines etc, just jump on when you want, get off when you want and they’ll be back in half an hour. Sweet as!

Not planning to hard and just going with the flow seem to work best for traveling so that is how this adventure will work! Pick out a couple of points of interest, then just wing the rest, see where you end up. Hopefully that ends well.


What part of Santiago to stay in?? That is the million dollar (hopefully not) question. Providencia sounds safest and crammed full of shops and restaurants. Violent crime is apparently low in Santiago which is reassuring but still leaves open non-violent crime such as pickpocketing so I think I’m going to go for safety with this one.

Lastarria also sounds beautiful although I have read it is very European city looking which sounds nice but I also feel like if I’m in South America I shouldn’t be looking at Europe…

Have you been to Santiago? Where did you stay? What did you do?

As always, tell me all in the comments!

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