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Dreaming of: Scandinavia

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Cold, wild, beautiful, unforgiving, and far away. Scandinavia you have captured my imagination and I want to visit you! WHY MUST YOU BE SO EXPENSIVE?!?!?!

If I ever manage to save up enough, here is how I would tackle the beast that is Scandinavia.

Getting to Scandinavia.

First of all Scandinavia, you are very far away from little old New Zealand so I would most definitely need a stop-over. In Dubai. Of course. A bit of heat before the freezing cold. Exploring the insanity that is Dubai feels like the perfect way to begin this adventure. A desert of sand before deserts of ice.

Finally, arriving in Copenhagen the adventure would begin. My ultimate dream is to do the 20 Day Grand Tour of Scandinavia with Global Journeys because this tour goes everywhere! Right up into the Arctic Circle and to a wee town called Hell. I want to go to hell. Also featured is a visit to Santa Claus village which sounds so cute. A lot of trips I have looked at do not have all this, there is always something missing. The only downside of this tour? The freaking price tag.

I found a much cheaper option with Topdeck but you have to pack your own sleeping bag which would take up A LOT of space!

If anyone has any tips on packing a sleeping bag, I’m all ears!!

Once 20 days of adventuring around Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland are over, it would be time to head on over to Iceland! Soak in some geothermal pools, hopefully catch the northern lights if the Arctic Circle failed me and explore the island.

Of course, I would have to track down a way to Greenland. It would be rude not to. A day trip, and over-night trip, I don’t care. Just get me to Greenland! What would I do in Greenland you ask? No freaking idea. Probably stand in the snow and go “hehehe wow I’m in Greenland. My life is awesome”.

I want to do this trip so bad. I’m going to get saving right now! Watch this space!!!

Have you been to Scandinavia? Where did you go? What did you go? Did you pack a sleeping bag?

As always, tell me all in the comments!


Scandinavia travel guide - Scandinavia Survival Guide (0.785Mb), 12th Edition Jun 2015 by Lonely Planet Scandinavia travel guide – Scandinavia Survival Guide (0.785Mb), 12th Edition Jun 2015 by Lonely Planet

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