Icon Speak is relatively new to the scene, founded in 2016 by two Swiss travel buddies who have found themselves time and time again unable to communicate effectively with hand gestures alone. The solution? Stick some icons for common travel needs on a shirt and just go for it! As they have grown you can now get more than just shirts. You can get hoodies, Hats with your favourite icons, Phone Cases, leggings, and Tote-Bags. There’s literally something for everyone.

How to avoid the awkward language barrier

This post contains affiliate links. For more information you can check out my disclosure policy here.  My first couple of hours in Athens wasn’t flash. My plane arrived over an hour late and I could not figure out where the bus that takes you into Athens departed from. I tried asking the airport staff. They… Continue reading How to avoid the awkward language barrier

101 ways to save money for travel and other adventures

101 Ways to Save Money for Travel & Other Adventures

Struggling to afford travel? I can help with that. All in need is one of your kidneys... Nah just kidding. You want to travel but everything sounds so damn expensive. The flights, the accommodation, not to mention all the activities you want to do! I have so been there. One year into University I decided… Continue reading 101 Ways to Save Money for Travel & Other Adventures

Moscow Red Square St Basils

Moscow Musings

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Over-water bungalow Tahiti

French Polynesia

This post may contain affiliate links which means if you make a purchase I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read my full exciting disclosure policy here.  Pearls, stingrays, sunburn, heat, and swimming. These are all words that will, for me, always conjure up images of my holiday in… Continue reading French Polynesia

5 reasons to travel.

5 Reasons to Travel

As if you needed any more reasons for travel. Here are five of my personally most important reasons to jump on that plane. 1. Anonymity sets you free. One of my favourite things about travel is that no one knows who you are. You can take on whatever personality you wish. If you feel trapped… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Travel